How To Properly Send Your Logos Files

send your logo designs

You might be saving and exporting your logo designs incorrectly or just missing out on some sneaky tricks that will speed up your workflow.

Let’s first take a look at an example project folder. Now I like to give the relevant name but also the date of the project completion. This just allows me to organize my folders easily at a quick glance.

Also, it helps your clients out as well. But hopping into the folder itself we can see five different subfolders. Now, this is the absolute very least that you should aim to add into your folders and don’t worry if it’s confusing because we’re soon gonna make sense of everything.

So we have the Horizontal and Stacked Logo. We have the logo type and also the logo marks. Inside each of these subfolders you will find new folders for Black-White and Full color.

how to send logo designs to client

Now if we take a look inside the horizontal logo and the black folder. We can see the design saved as AI – EPS – PDF – SVG and PNG this is what the horizontal version of my logo looks like.

how to send logo design to client

Then next this is just a Logo Mark or as some people say the Logo Symbol. Yes, this is transparent PNG. You can include both transparent and opaque. We’re soon going to look at the Logo Mark Enclosed with some tricks and tips. But first here is the Logo Type of my logo. Then finally the Stacked Logo is essentially just a vertical format.

We want to supply the client with all the components of the logo to use in various different situations. Sometimes a stacked layout will work better than horizontal for example maybe on a business card that is portraits.

how to send logo to client

Let’s take a look at some cool tips when saving and exporting in adobe illustrator.

Firstly however when using black on my designs I never use CMYK values of 0 0 0 100. I use a combination known as rich black and for me that is 60-50-50-100. I find this prints out with more depth because there are three other colors thrown into the mix. You can research printing in rich black online if you want to learn more.

Okay, so let’s say that I want to save this enclosed logo mark into its relevant folder. I will start by saving the adobe illustrator file format save or the native file. This is pretty straightforward and we likely all know how to do that. Remember to name the component of your logo correctly.

So that everything is organized and easy to use for the clients. Now it would take a long time to save every part of my logo into every color and into every correct folder. We can however make use of illustrator’s built-in Actions Panel and this will make our life a lot easier in the future.

We just click here to make a new Action and then give it a relevant name. Once you HIT record illustrator is going to save what you do in sequential steps. And you know things are being recorded when you can see the red icon visible at the bottom of the panel. I essentially am just saving my enclosed logo mark into five file formats that we looked at earlier.

Okay cool, we can see in the actions panel the five saves that I’ve made. And then we can go ahead and click the square icon to stop recording our action. To demonstrate how it’s going to save us time allow me to come back into my original logo folder and delete the five saves that I just made.

So they’ve now been removed to the trash. But back in illustrator, I can simply click the play button in the Actions panel. So basically illustrator is going to save my design into five different formats. Yes, you might have to click Ok on the PNG. But if I hop back onto my folder I can see the five saves are there but at a fraction of the time. You might also want to include things like favicons different-sized web versions of your logos. And if you are going to go all out then a logo design style guide and use the guide. I just guess it depends on the caliber of your clients and how much they’re paying you.

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