How to Get Graphic Design Clients

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how to get graphic design clients

Are you struggling to get consistent design jobs every single week? Do you actually feel like you’re falling behind other graphic designers and it’s time to change that right now?

Getting graphic design clients shouldn’t be difficult using these tips. you will see that it can be a more easy and methodical process. I have 4 tips that will really help you get more work and more clients in your graphic design career.

There are some things that designers tend to overlook. For example, as in the post I talk about client pain points and marketing your services to those issues that the client may or may not have. That way, we can secure more work more of the time, and ensure our graphic design career is a fruitful one.

So the first thing that I wish I learned a long time ago was pain. Now I don’t mean self-harm or an intense martial arts class. No instead you should learn the pain points that your clients actually have. If you actually know and understand what keeps your clients awake at night with worry. Then you can tailor your services to address their problems or their pain points.

Let’s say Josie here has a dog grooming business. But recently if you’ve seen a whole lot of competition explode in a local area and that’s a profit start to decline. This is obviously stressing Josie out and making her a bit depressed. She has children to feed she has a deadbeat husband with a gambling problem. Let’s not forget about that car that she doesn’t really use but has to pay monthly for, knowing their pain points will help you appeal to your clients a lot more.

So in the instance of Josie, you could actually reinvent her brand so that she can fight off the competition in her area. Allow her to maintain and even grow her profits thereafter. So yes just a case of marketing your skills and your services to your clients in relation to their pain points.

You’d be surprised by how many designers don’t actually even realize this here’s have a psychological trick.

Okay, it’s not really a trick because we are adding value to the client at the end of the day. But this is a great method for getting your foot in the door so to speak. Have you ever noticed how businesses will sometimes give you a free trial of something or even something totally for free?

The reason they often do this is because as humans we do remember that we have been given something for free or at a discount. Subconsciously we do feel like we have to repay that favor at some point. At the very least whoever gave us that thing is a good person in our minds. So yeah you can give potential clients or even your normal clients a freebie once in a while. Trust me that can work magic for your career.

graphic design clients

Maybe you can just quickly create a nice stylish business card. Or if you have some kind of things like social media templates lying around you can just give them to your potential clients to use. But here’s the really cool thing. The freebie also doubles up as a proof of your skill and your abilities. So yeah do consider adding in the freebie to your workflow. Here’s something that can help designers carve out a space within a saturated Market.

Everybody always talks about a niche. You should Market your services and operate in a niche. But what’s the real reason why it’s so important?

Actually, there are quite a few reasons. But let’s take the example of someone who’s designing something for a company or brand in the food industry sector.

If say over a few months you manage to actually score two to three projects with clients from the food industry sector. Any future clients or potential clients who are also in that food industry sector will see your previous project. Will be more inclined to hire you because of your experience in that Niche. As you can probably guess things just sort of Noble from there afterward as you gain more and more clients and skills in that specific sector.

You will become the go to person for portfolio. Yes, a portfolio is important and crucial even. But the next tip in today’s post is something slightly different from a portfolio.

We’re talking about case studies. Now a case study is a great way to interact with a potential client. Just discuss how I passed a project actually went into your career. It’s pretty much a summary of how your project went from start to finish. Be sure to talk about the problems you faced how you address them and what the end result was for your client.

The case study is like a super duper proof of your skills and your ability and it’s just really good to have if it’s digital or a physical kind of copy. If they can see that you’ve successfully worked on a project and finished that project. As well as solving all of those problems for the clients. They simply would be way more inclined to hire you.

These four tips are very handy to you in gaining more clients as a graphic designer.

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