5 Surprising Logo Design Secrets

Logo Design Secrets

One way that logo designers create interesting and unique logos is to hide secrets within the design itself. For example, you might know the Chupa Chups logo. But do you know who designed it? That person played a hidden message into that logo. You see the logo has remained more or less the same since 1969 and the logo was created by none other than Salvador Dali.

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He was good friends with the creator of the brand Enrique bernards. One day at lunch Daley drew up the logo in under one hour. One of the decisions he made was to place a logo at the very top of the lollipop itself. This was so the customers always knew which treat they were about to eat. Also, we wouldn’t be insane to consider that long curvature on the and how Darli’s mustache often appeared.

Nintendo created a console back in 2001 the Nintendo Gamecube. Of course, this console would need a logo and it’s one that most of us have seen before.

But where’s the secret within this logo design exactly? Of course, we can see a cube within another cube, but that’s no real secret. The real hidden secret here lies on the use of Negative Space. Negative space is something many clever designers use to generate such secrets and mystique within a logo design.

On this design here the outer cube can appear to be a “G” for the word game of course. And then within that, we have negative space that depicts “C” for the cube. This geometric design is pretty clever on multiple different levels. And it’s those small touches that can take a logo to new heights.

The Bluetooth logo is something we all know. The brand came about in the 1990s after the founders were discussing via kings of all things random. But this conversation led to the king of Denmark someone by the name of Harold Bluetooth Gomson. He was given this name due to the dead tooth that he had in his mouth. And the king was famous for uniting the two nations of Norway and Denmark. The founders of Bluetooth were trying to unite PSs to cellular networks, so this seemed like a great fit for them. Here you can see the Nordic symbol for “H” and then also the Nordic symbol for “B” and hey presto the logo was born.

All that was needed left was to finish it off with a Bluetooth itself or shall I say the dead tooth.

Now, do you know the surfing and fashion brand Quicksilver? Here’s the logo and they’ve been around since 1964. But we’re not talking about their logo in this part of the post.

We’re talking about their sister company Roxy. Roxy was created in 1990 and it was meant to be the sister version of Quicksilver that would specifically appeal to female or feminine customers.

The team working on the logo wanted to create a heart shape that they thought would appeal to this kind of target audience. And furthermore, they cleverly did this by taking two Quicksilver logos flipping one of them and then ending up with the heart emblem. Now that is novel thinking when it comes to logo designing.

Now, who doesn’t know this logo in 2022? You may even own a pair of headphones yourself. Beats by Dre has become so interwoven in society and the logo obviously depicts a lowercase “b” for bass. But something I missed for the longest time is how the “b” can represent headphones from a side on view or profile kind of shot.

Yeah, I know a lot of people would have noticed that from the first time they looked at the logo. But for some of us like myself included we didn’t get that kind of connotation. Still, it’s a hugely simple logo and that’s one reason why it’s so recognizable. And one of the most easily remembered logo designs in recent history.

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