How To Become A Full Time Graphic Designer 2022

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Are you thinking of becoming a graphic designer full time in 2022? If the answer is yes then you need to go through these six different steps.

When discussing how to become a graphic designer, one should think about it in stages or steps. There are certain things that need to be done and considered. So that the person can efficiently make the transition from just having it has a hobby, to actually going full-time as a graphic designer.

But in the modern era of graphic design, some of the rules have actually changed. So here’s a quick step-by-step guide to becoming a graphic designer in 2022. But I might add the proper way to become a graphic designer.

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Step 1: Know Who You Are

Is to fully understand what your role is as a graphic designer. Sounds pretty straightforward and easy I know, but so many fail to understand it which then ultimately leads to a failing career. Graphic designers take information and display that information in a visual way. This is done to help sell something, persuade someone, or to notify somebody.

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Essentially a kind of like a middleman or middle woman. You’re the go-between the translator between the business and the target audience. You need to translate information into a visual kind of language, That would appeal to the target audience. This could be as simple as making a sign for a bakery. That has a sale on cupcakes to something as intricate as generating an entire brand identity for a tech startup. That tech startup might need to trigger action in a target audience. Made up of young business professionals. But when you fully understand your role as a designer. Things will start to make more sense and you will make better design decisions.

Step 2: You Must Master This

It might sound boring but it is fundamental to your success. Hence the name graphic design fundamentals. Basically, you need to know the basics not just know the basics. But become a master at them, no matter how you choose to become a graphic designer. You won’t get far without fully understanding these things. It’s like trying to get from A to B without a Map or GPS. Sure you might fluke your way to the destination some of the time. But most often you’re gonna get lost good design is built upon a strong foundation of understanding Hierarchy, Alignment, Proximity, Contrast, and all of that good stuff. Trust me when you actually master these things you will begin to smile from ear to ear. When you watch your designs mature and evolve as you go along.

Step 3: The Toolkit

Next is another obvious one, but obvious things are often overlooked. Basically, you need to get the right tools for the job. Surgeons don’t go into an operation with limited or inadequate tools. Likewise you the graphic designer need to have the right tools for the job. So get a good vector-based program be it Adobe Illustrator, Affinity or whatever. Get something similar to Photoshop for poster and photo manipulation work and then something for multi-page editorial work like InDesign.

On top of that you need a decent camera or a decent phone camera and somewhere to take notes and sketches from your day-to-day activities. I also believe highly in mind mapping and that’s something that I hold close to my personal workflow. And of course, there are free tools for that online.

Step 4: Maybe The Most Important Step

It’s becoming more and more important as we head deeper into 2022. You should become a marketing pro. When you start to read and educate yourself about marketing. The way you approach a design starts to change. It’s almost like a transformation or sense of enlightenment that happens to you. I’ve seen it within myself my work and it does actually boost the effectiveness of my designs that I put out into the world. Marketing deals with how people think and make decisions in response to graphic design. It directly deals with the psychology of how people spend the money their hopes their dreams and their wants and needs. Knowing all of this in great detail means you will begin to tailor your graphic designs towards creating a specific response in people. This is taking the visual communication idea to new levels. If you can do this you will be set above the vast majority of other designers.

Step 5: Your Space Online

Build a portfolio. Yes, I’ve spoken about this many many times before. But it’s really important to becoming a full-time graphic designer. If you have the skills, then how is somebody ever going to know that you do have them? And why would you even get hired by someone in the first place? So you need a portfolio.

Here are some quick-fire portfolio tips.

  1. Limit the projects you add into your portfolio. Say 5 to 10 maximum.
  2. Use repetition of color shape font and so on this is going to help tie everything together.
  3. Tailor your portfolio to the kind of work that you want to be hired for so maybe a logo design, web design or whatever.
  4. Show your process and tell a story with your project showcases.
  5. Show how you can solve problems.

These five rules will help you make a very good portfolio. But if you have no work to use for your portfolio, then you can also enter competitions or use mock briefs.

Step 6: Get Those Jobs

Get graphic design jobs. Well, tom just like that huh it’s so easy? NOT. I know it can be a real pain. But aside from the usual list of freelance websites do not overlook the power of in-house positions working as a person for a team. These kind of jobs offer so much experience and knowledge about the industry which can prove invaluable. Also check on job boards such as design jobs board, design week, or smashing magazine.

Another cool technique is to search on Twitter for phrases like need logo. See what people are actively looking for logo designers. Now if you follow these tips properly efficiently and fully there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a graphic designer full time in 2022. And I’m sure you’re gonna crush.

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