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Do you have an Instagram account? That you might showcase your graphic design work. If you do then you probably want to know the best way to turn that account into paying graphic design clients. Now it’s easy when you have the know-how and that is what this post is all about.

Before you start sourcing those clients. You obviously want to make sure that you have the best chance of turning them into paying clients. That means you need to focus on your Instagram account from a design perspective.

Now I won’t spend too long on this section, but it is very very important. Instead of having a personal account first change your Instagram to a business account. And to do that you just “Click your account” Then the “Three-Line icon” in the upper right corner head into settings. Then account from here you can switch to a business account.

How to Create a Business Account on Instagram

But why would you want to do that in the first place what’s the upside of it. Well firstly in Instagram business accounts. You have more analytical tools than in the personal accounts. These tools can help you better understand your customers and improve your business reach. This will prove to be really really powerful later down the line. So from here guys you want to optimize your account for converting people into paying clients. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can do exactly that.

So what is your current screen name on Instagram. Does your account name relate back to what you do what kind of services you provide? What it should do. Instagram has so many designers and people trying to make it on this platform. So it’s a great idea to generate a unique identity to stand out.

If you’re a competent designer then you will know all about the importance of branding. You need to use a similar style, a similar color scheme and medium in all of your posts running throughout the entire account. This helps to create your identity and show professionalism as a designer.

Graphic Design Tips

Now my style across my account on Instagram has changed over the years going back since 2015. It’s clearly visible if you scroll around my account. This isn’t something you want to do if you’re trying to create a brand identity on Instagram. I’m personally not trying to use this platform to generate clients.

So I don’t need to worry so much about that for me it’s kind of more of a personal thing. A neat little hack is to include a design-related keyword next to your name. I don’t mean your main account name. I mean that when you go in to edit your profile in the account section. You have the ability to edit the name. Place a design-related term.

name of sure client on instagram

Next to this and that’s going to help improve your search ability and visibility as a graphic designer. Also, your bio is very very important to tell potential clients what exactly you do. It shows what your skills are and maybe you can add in some hashtags for SEO purposes. You need to keep your bio pretty short and sweet even though it doesn’t offer many characters in the first place. The last trick I’m going to say about the bio is to add a link.

That directs traffic to a portfolio website or a kind of contact form of sorts. It’s so easy to make an Instagram account. But to have a second layer where you’re active looks more professional. It’s going to instill a greater confidence in the potential clients that you are a good fit for their project.

But what about the actual posts. You need to make sure that your posts on Instagram really do look great and show your skill sets as a designer. Remove any old or outdated work that might drag down your self-image. And you’re only as good as your worst addition into a portfolio of work that’s something to remember. Of course, no blurry uploads save your work in high-quality PNGs or SVGs. As these do seem to work best for me when uploading work onto id.

When it comes to profile pictures I do feel that having a clean and creative image of yourself is a lot better than a logo on Instagram. This looks more authentic approachable and it will boost the likelihood of you scoring your class. So as you grow your accounts and you post regular examples of how your skills can help solve problems.

Also your posts simply just looking visually good. Your authority in this space will also grow and with authority comes trust and with trust comes more clients. Posting quick mini-tutorial tips for example in adobe illustrator also go to show your skills and your knowledge.

These tend to get quite liked by other designers and shared around. I like to use a lot of hashtags on my posts, which is not too spammy on Instagram unlike with Twitter. But make sure to use the right hashtags that are relevant to you and your services.

So things like logo design, logo designer, graphic design and so on. It also helps to post stories and reels on Instagram. I suggest that a lot of these are you showing your face and talking to the camera and your audience.

how to get rich clients on instagram

This again goes to making you seem more human as opposed to a faceless entity. Potential customers like to buy into someone that is genuine and real. Of course, though keep everything professional and safe for work. You want to keep things open so as many potential clients as possible do come to you.

I think you should post at least one official post on Instagram a day and also one to two stories or reels per day. This will help the algorithm of Instagram work in your favor, consistency is keying on this platform. All of these tips are about your account being prime for potential clients coming to you and finding you.

These do work over a long period of time and if done correctly. You can also potentially contact clients or tag them into relevant posts. However, this can come across as desperate sometimes or even spammy. So do be careful of that approach.

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