The Worst Logo Design Ever Created By Humans

Worst Logo Design

There is a logo design so bad that has gone viral not once but twice. It’s so bad in fact that, there is now a design competition to find a new design to replace it. Seemingly free of charge I might add, now this all sounds pretty dire and in fact, it is. But how did one of the worst, if not the worst logo designs ever come into being?

So heading off to the United States of America today. More specifically Missouri. Saint Francois country in Missouri, Wanted a new logo or a seal as it’s known to represent them.

worst logo design ever created

They wanted an iconic design that would show everyone what this county was all about. And spread the word of their country with the upmost pride and by the looks of things. The designer did not get the memo. How a logo design should be simple to remain memorable and resonate with the public. Or how a logo design shouldn’t scar the eyeballs of whoever is looking at it.

worst logo designs

Now the logo design solution that was ultimately created is memorable alright. It is memorable for being so bad. It really does look like somebody’s gone crazy with clipart. Where everything that sprang to mind about Missouri. Was slapped into a circle and then called a logo. Not to mention the text around the circle being so difficult to read, as much of it is just upside down.

It kind of gives you a neck ache trying to read or make sense of that text. Oh and let’s not forget about that nice little detail in the upper right, reminding us that their county has been around since 1821.

American logo design

But is it just me or does that eagle look like it’s actually falling out the sky or toppling over. Either way it’s a pretty sad turn of events when we’re talking about this logo. But the truth about how this logo was given life much like how Frankenstein gave life to his monster. Was revealed with the statement from a head commissioner of the county.

Harold Gallagher explained that the county seal hadn’t been updated for a while. He went on to say with some simple software. I brought up with this new one, and we’ve adopted that now as our county seal.

american logo designers review

So it does seem like a classic case of a non-designer having access to design software. I’m willing to bet that this design was also created in Photoshop. Which of course is a big no-no to anybody who understands logo design. Logo designs should always be vector files to retain quality at pretty much any scale. I also get the feeling that this country or at least the head commissioner guy. Wants to save money and cut corners.

That would also explain why they’ve announced a logo design competition to find a better solution. Four years after this abomination was created.

The internet being the internet in its kind of funny and sarcastic way did make a ton of memes and comical redesigns. One of my favorites is this old dude in a mermaid outfit. But moving on to another interview that Galahad gave he said.

I understand there’s a fever pitch on social media about the country seal, It was a rush deal way back when. I had two days for the public to come up with a seal and my design is proof positive that I am not artistically inclined.

bad logo designs

But yeah at least he’s honest about the situation and you can’t really blame him can you. Because he’s not a designer and speaking of which. The situation has now been opened up to us designers. What would a good logo design for this brief actually look like?

In my humble opinion, it needs to be simple. It needs to use one if not two colors at a maximum. And if there is going to be text wrapped around the circle at least flip the lower half so it’s legible. But yeah, I wish I had more time because I would actually give this one a good go.

logo design tips

A Reddit user by the name WTF703 has gone on in the right direction. Seals and kinds of crest type designs, often need that official look about them and they do have a degree of detail.

logo design tips and tricks

After all, they’re not brandable fashionable kinds of designs. Now I’ve tried to find a link for the competition, but I’ve turned up empty-handed. So if someone out there watching this post does find the link make sure to leave it in the comment section below.

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