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If you want free courses on things like coding, artificial intelligence, graphic design, layout design, web design and many more useful courses, then today’s post is just for you.

This post doesn’t just have free courses though. It also has tools to help boost your social media presence, an A.i. program that can save lots of time with writing, and of course lots and lots of free courses.

One of the main aspects of this post is free education when it comes to coding and learning coding languages such as Python. This post shows you some of the best free resources to take your graphic design, business and skill levels up higher than they are right now.

4 free courses on design sectors and also how to streamline your workflows I’ve got you covered in today’s post. So get ready to bookmark these eight websites.

1: Google Courses

Starting with google courses. Yes, that’s right, google does have over 160 courses on things like Digital Marketing and Career Development and even things like Coding.

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Now you can select your difficulty preference on the left and that’s out of beginner intermediate and advanced. Also the course length and the certificate preference.

2: A.i. Writing Assistant

Next, is an AI that you will probably find really friendly and really useful. It’s a pretty neat writing assistant. This can help you with your portfolio websites and maybe even client emails.

The main features are

  • Ai Article and Blog Writing
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Article Summarizing
  • Product Description Tools

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Basically, this thing will save you heaps of time on projects in different ways. Now it is free but of course, the paid version is going to be better.

3: Free Courses With Coursera

But do you want some more free courses? Well, why wouldn’t you? Currently, there are 2665 free courses and you can see the reviews. The star rating that you won’t be wasting your time on. One course that you might want to check out is this one on the coding language Python hint.

free coding courses

4: How Users Interact With Your Website

Website number four will really take your website or your portfolio to new levels. It’s a freemium so it has free and also paid-for plans. But essentially this website tracks the users of your site and what sort of experience they’re having. From making use of heat maps to finding out how the users of your site feel. You can really use this to make the best experience possible for the target audience on your website. It’s important for clicks and also for your career.

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5: Free Coding Camp

Hey, satori we want more free coding material and why is that? Because I do strongly believe it’s going to be a big part of the graphic design role in the future. The free coding camp is well. Basically, you sign up with your email your google account, or your Facebook account. Then away you go totally for free. Not only does this service supply courses, but you also get exercises to work on to test what you’ve been learning. Now we can both agree that social media is a huge part of marketing in today’s landscape as graphic designers.

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6: Booster Your Social Media

So let’s go ahead and boost it up into the stratosphere with a buffer. This is another freemium project but the essentials package is just five dollars a month. You can of course try it for free. Buffer helps you strategize your social media plan for domination in your niche sector it tracks your data and your metrics. Allows you to see all of your comments in one location. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Webflow.

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7: Webflow University

It is free to try and you have educational materials on things like Figma and After Effects. Also, things to help your portfolio and yes again more coding. I hope those of you watching today’s post will end up being coding geniuses 12 years down the line.

8: Automate Your Work

But what about website number eight well that would be Zapier.

This is another freemium service that connects all of your apps 500 plus apps in fact. Streamlines your workflows on day-to-day business activities. Now it is a huge huge time saver. If you’re feeling like you haven’t got much time these days it might be something you want to check out.

If you found today’s post on free courses enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section.

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